The Dugout Dome

The Dugout Bar and Sports Complex is pleased to announce the opening of our new "SPORTS DOME" in FALL in 2017!

With a record number of teams and sold out summer nights, we're excited to now offer the best area volleyball leagues year round!  As we begin preparations on our new venture, we'll be releasing updates to keep everyone informed of league particulars.

Here's what we know as of 7/18/2017: 

  • The dome is a 122'L x 98'W x 30'H high fabric dome.
  • We can fit (2) regulation sand courts (possibly 3)
  • We're currently analyzing possible locations of the Dome; either over the existing sand courts or another location on the property.
  • (3) 10-week or 12-week winter sessions will be offered (TBD)
  • Our pricing will be competitive with any area leagues (We prove that with our spring/summer leagues)

With everything ahead of us, we need your help....How can you help? Share anything you see us post about the dome. We feel that even with our outdoor league success, we'll need to be bigger than ever. Your support goes a long way ensuring the growth of 'The Dugout' volleyball leagues continues. 

Who else is excited about SAND VOLLEYBALL YEAR ROUND??!

Can't wait until winter (Did I just say that?)!

Any questions, shoot me a call or text.
Bryan (716-361-9515)

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